What’s Been Happening The Week of 4/20/15!

What a difference a week makes, especially with some sunshine! Thus, outdoor activities have been in full swing. The first retaining wall is nearly complete and all the blocking has been laid at the Veranda. We are also pleased to say that all geothermal drilling is complete and we are now in the grouting stage. Loop piping is also taking place in the courtyard. The exterior of our buildings also made much progress during the week.

Glass and glazing is nearly complete at the STEM building and masonry work is ongoing. The glass and glazing work at the A&H building is also continuing to progress smoothly. At the ESS building the cupola is starting to take form as the glazing goes in. In addition to this, the ESS roof is coming together as crews continue to make progress with the asphalt shingle installation.

On the interior of the buildings we continue to hang drywall at the STEM and A&H building. All of the main air handlers are on site and in place. Interior framing is still on going at the ESS building. The first and second levels are nearly complete and the third level is ongoing. Last but not least, the ESS lobby is just about ready for the installation of monumental stairs.

Wednesday afternoon we were pleased to welcome some special guests.  Janet Smith, Ken Moore, Dick Tracy, Rogers Anderson, Molly Cochran, Brett Seybert, Chris Henson, Marty Schweinhart, and Bethany Lay stopped by to take a look at the progress. Here they are signing a column that overlooks the FCT soundstage at the A&H Building. We hope you all enjoyed your visit and you are welcome anytime! Thank you to Scott and Jerry for showing them around.

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