What’s Been Happening The Week of 5/4/15!

All this week HOAR Construction has been celebrating Safety Week.  Safety Week started off with a bang at Columbia State as Jerry Young was given the Staffzone Safety award.  Congratulations, Jerry!  HOAR continually strives to exceed industry safety standards throughout all its projects.  For HOAR, the true definition of safety is the absence of danger through the elimination of hazards.  To help encourage safe work we post a board for employees and subcontractors to add photos of friends, family, children, and other meaningful things throughout the week that reinforce why safety is important.  See below for the safety photos taken this week at Columbia State.

What a beautiful week it was at Columbia State!  Brick and limestone work is substantially complete on the east side of the STEM building, and crews continue stacking their way up the north and south sides, too.  Across the way at the Arts and Humanities building, brick and limestone work started yesterday at the west side lower level.  Glazing activity and asphalt shingle installation continued this week at the ESS building.  Limestone shelves at the main entrances of the Arts and Humanities, and STEM buildings have also started this week.  Last but not least, geothermal in the courtyard is now complete.

Drywall work continued this week at the STEM and Arts and Humanities building as crews began the finishing work.  The STEM elevator platform is finished, and crews spent the last half of the week installing cabling and wiring.  Next week we hope to begin elevator work on the Arts and Humanities building.  At the north side of the STEM building the stairs were delivered this week, and the stringers are now installed.  Interior framing continues on the 3rd level of the ESS building.  On the first and second levels, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical rough-ins are in progress.  Installation for the operable wall supports started this week at the Arts and Humanities and ESS building.

Thank you to KHS&S for a wonderful breakfast Thursday and thank you to all our subs for helping us work safe!

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