What’s Been Happening The Week of 5/18/15

Before everyone starts off this Memorial Day weekend, we’d like to tell you what’s been going on at Columbia State this week.  Masonry work is continuing to progress at both the STEM and A&H buildings.  The west elevations of both the STEM and A&H buildings are moving along just fine while the STEM south elevation is substantially complete at the gable.  At the ESS building glazing is almost complete on the south elevation, and we are happy to announce that the asphalt shingles on all three buildings are nearly finished.  If you look far enough out towards the west, you’ll see a brand new sidewalk in parking lot E.

Drywall finishing is in progress at both the STEM and A&H buildings, and we’ve even started the first coat of primer on the main level of the STEM building.  At the STEM building the elevator is finished, racks are being installed in the data rooms, and the STEM north stairs now have the railings up.  At the A&H building the elevator install is almost complete, and the lower level should be ready for some primer paint very soon.  At the ESS building the stairs have been installed at the west elevation, and we are happy to see drywall delivery trucks parked outside the ESS building.  The hanging of drywall is in progress at the 1st level of the ESS building, and the 2nd level is not too far behind as crews currently stock the 2nd floor with drywall.

We’d like to wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend and ask that you pause with all of the Hoar family to remember the men and women who died while serving our country.


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