What’s Been Happening At Columbia State 7/10/15

What’s Been Happening At Columbia State!

Now that everyone’s back from the Fourth of July vacation we’d like to fill you in on what’s been happening at Columbia State.  The curtain wall glazing and installation is in progress at both the north and south ends of the A&H building.  Pulling up to the site and seeing the stairs encased inside an aluminum curtainwall system is one of my favorite things about the design of these buildings.  The west elevation of the A&H building is looking more and more complete as downspouts can now be seen running up the masonry veneer.  At the ESS building, masonry work is on-going at the north veranda elevation and the west elevation.  On the courtyard side of the ESS building masonry and limestone work is in progress and progressing its way towards the A&H building.  If you look north, just past the ESS veranda, you’ll notice some concrete curbs and sidewalks along the roadway.

The interior of the buildings are starting to show more and more character as the finishes continue to go in.  At the STEM building, both bathrooms on the main and upper levels now have steel frame vanity supports in place and a wall tile backdrop.  The ceiling grid is being put in place on the main level and painters are now adding some color to the upper level.  Over at the ESS building interior framing is underway at the main lobbies on both the first and second levels.  Labeled the student services area, these ellipses shaped lobbies will feature reception desks, cherry benches, and wood veneer wainscoting.  See picture below of the ellipses shaped bench and wall being framed.

Thanks for checking out our blog and stay tuned for more updates.

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